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On the property

Grand Lac Sinclair is the ultimate Canadian canvas. With 2,526 acres of untouched wilderness, a private lake large enough to land a plane on, thousands of tapped maple trees, two mountains worthy of skiing, and an array of outdoor entertainment facilities - there is no better place for the adventurous and creative mind to build their dream Canadian retreat. 

  • Private estate of 2,526 Acres.

  • Private lake stocked with native red trout.

  • Two private mountains.

  • Well maintained roads and trails.

  • Sugar shack with 1600 Maple trees.

  • Helipad.

  • Skeet shooting range.

  • Lac Croche, semi-private lake.


Image by Bálint Wittinger

Grand Lac Sinclair is located in the heart of the Laurentians. The Laurentian Mountain range is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. It contains rocks deposited before the Cambrian Period 540 million years ago. The Laurentians are the central part of the Grenville orogeny dating back to around a billion years.

The earliest human residents of the Laurentians were the indigenous peoples, the Algonquins and later the Iroquois. There were some semi-permanent settlements along the major rivers – the North and the Rouge – but in general, these populations were small and seasonal, due to the rigors of the climate. These hunting and gathering cultures penetrated the region as far north as Mount Tremblant (the “shaking mountain”), reports of which were given to European traders by the late 18th century.

Even though the St. Lawrence River Valley has been continuously occupied by French-speaking colonists since the 16th century, and English-speaking immigration commenced after 1763, settlement was sparse, with little exploration of the area beyond the northern shore of the St. Lawrence until the early 1800s.

Today, the Laurentians are home to some of the worlds most beautiful wildlife reserves and world class attractions. From the pristine village in Mont Tremblant, to the untouched wilderness in Kenauk - Grand Lac Sinclair is positioned at the heart of it all. 

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